3 Ways You Can Use Visitor Statistics to Increase Conversion Rates on Your Website

 Any activity performed on your website by a visitor is known as a conversion (calculate conversion rates). The higher the conversion rate, the better your website is doing in terms of popularity and rank success. Every time a visitor comes on to your website, the visit is statistically recorded and kept in statistical data form. You can improve your conversion rates by viewing the statistical report of your conversion rates. This report tells you whether you are doing good or not based on the type of your market. Although there are many ways to improve and increase your conversion rates, using this statistical data allows you to learn more about the visitors you have on your site, which is always a good thing to know about.

The conversion rates on your website...

Listed below are three different ways you can analyze and assess this data to raise your conversion rates.

  1. Redesigning – If your website layout is dull, you are likely to have lower conversion rates. Re-evaluate and redesign the entire layout of your site. Then, check the visitor statistics again. You will come to learn that, most likely, the conversion rates have improved. Thus, if you have a low visitor count, redesign and get more conversion rates. In this way, visitor statistics help you to better your website and gain higher conversion rates,
  2. Testimonials – Add statements from high-profile clients on your landing page to increase conversion rates as visitor statistics usually show an increase when this feature is added on a website. It builds an environment of trust and faith between you and your visitors. Your legitimacy is verified by these testimonies.
  3. Eliminating distractions – Wordstream has concluded that removing distractions such as navigation links from the landing page of your website increases the conversion rates by up to 40 percent.

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