5 Types of Sales Analysis Reports for Your Startup

 It is no secret that when a startup is initiated, the customers do not come over right away to hand over money to the owners for the products. A data-driven approach is necessary for every startup to succeed with its long-term goals. A marketing and sales machine must be built by the startup with just as much analysis and precision their products. The startups must be well-thought-out and the owners must understand lead generation, conversion rates and data analysis. If you are looking for sales analysis reports, this article is for you.

Listed below are five different kinds of sales analysis reports for your startup that you can use to track your sales and marketing progress.

  1. Lead Trajectory – This kind of report shows lead growth over time in an effective way. Once you put your data into the market, you track its lead generation progress with this report.
  2. Pipeline – This shows the history of leads being converted into sales after being generated. This is an important tool and report for sales analysis.
  3. Sales Funnel – This report shows, after acquiring the pipeline history, where you lose the deals in business and how you lose them. This is important as you learn how to prevent losing sales.
  4. Sales Forecast – After becoming aware of your winning and losing stages, this report allows you to bring in a data-driven approach here and forecast a full report of your progress so far.
  5. Sales Leaderboard – A sales leaderboard gives motivation to the entire team as the big wins are clear on it after every report. It is a great board to have after every other report is in your control.
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