9 Best Analytics Tools for Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

 Analytical data and tools help you to measure the progress, process, and development of your digital marketing campaigns. You can use analytical data tools to improve several factors on your site, including conversions, leads, interaction rates with customers, advertising strategies, branding, and more. The analytical approach to solutions for digital marketing allows the site owner to analyze and thus improve the user’s data, online activity and app usage. Digital marketing can be done in various ways, but how your users are using your site and how you can improve your performance depends on your utilization of analytical tools for digital marketing success.

This article will tell you about 9 of the best analytics tools for your digital marketing campaigns.

  1. Google Analytics – This is perhaps the most commonly used analytics tool. It gives you information about the user data, usage, app activity, and more. You can then optimize the app and improve your website based on the data you got. It is extremely helpful to improve your marketing strategies.
  2. Google AdSense – Google is once again on the list for best digital marketing analytics tools. With AdSense, you get to track how your ads are performing on every webpage you plotted them on.
  3. Zoho Social – This application is all about improving the online presence. It allows you to manage multiple social media accounts at once and preschedule your posts on them to better your online presence.
  4. Salesforce Wave Analytics – This is a customer relationship management (CRM) application that uses the cloud system for computing. Its aim is to convert data into sales.
  5. Flurry Analytics – There is an app to see how your campaign is doing in the market. Flurry analytics powered by Yahoo allows you to do just that.
  6. Hootsuite – Hootsuite allows you to measure and analyze your social media traffic, schedule posts and much more. It also has a Hootsuite Directory with over 50 extensions. It offers a free and a premium version for special benefits like customer interaction on posts.
  7. Klout – This is yet another analytical tool used popularly among digital marketers. It allows you to see in-depth how many people viewed and liked your posts to then help you do better.
  8. Buffer – Buffer lets you manage all your social media activity in one place with convenience and ease.
  9. HubSpot – This app provides digital marketers all they need to analyze marketing campaigns on a single platform.
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