9 Unique Social Media Marketing Ideas No One Talks About

 Social media marketing - Social Media is an everyday activity for most people. Therefore, it is considered to be the top marketplace for influencers and business owners. There was a time when the market was so small that one could easily come up with an innovative idea and get the targeted audience attracted and become successful. Over time, the social media market has become highly condensed with new ideas being introduced in the market every single day. It has become quite difficult to create and bring something new to attention of people on social media. This article will introduce you to nine bright ideas that are sure to make one’s success possible, and they are not talked about much at all. So, you can have a go at them right away.


  1. Take Requests – Always take your customer’s opinion as your top priority and ask them from time to time if there is anything they would like to see in your products or if there is something that can be improved. People love it when brand owners care for their customers. Use Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter to engage with your customers.
  2. BTS Videos – Customers love to watch how much effort is put into the product that they are considering buying. Post behind-the-scenes videos of your product manufacturing process. It creates interest in the customer’s mind and attraction in potential buyers.
  3. Employee Week – Have one of your employees take over your brand’s social media for a week. Have them show the audience what happens behind the scenes at the headquarters or the office, the product ideas, the customer care offices, and an overall tour of the place.
  4. Employee Questionnaire – Have an employee—or, rather, different employees—sit down and have a question-and-answer session weekly on your social media with the audience. This will help customers get to know the people behind the brand and feel personally connected with the brand itself.
  5. Collaborate – Collaborate with another brand and partner up to have both brands’ employees on both brands’ social media. This will play the role of sponsorship as well as even more interaction with the audience.
  6. Challenges – Holding weekly challenges like ‘hashtag squad,’ scavenger hunts, and this or that can really help get customers involved.
  7. Employee Recommendations – Have your staff recommend products as their opinions have a direct influence on the customers.
  8. Image Submissions – Take image submissions of your products from your customers to have a positive impact on them. This will make them aware that you appreciate their love for your product.
  9. Birthday Sale – Hold a special big sale on your brand’s birthday—that is, the day it was created. It will make customers look forward to that day.
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