How to Develop Buyer Personas for Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

 If you find yourself stumbling upon the topic of this article’s title one too many times, then you must ask yourself an important question: Is your marketing strategy static?

You are, by this point in your business, sure of the fact that you could be having much better results in every single aspect of it. But of course, you are now becoming more and more aware that you are, in fact, stuck in your business progress. It definitely is not a smooth process to become “unstuck,” but you have to take into account what you are really missing in your business strategy.

Have you ever wondered, before even posting about your business, who would be seeing it? It is actually the first thought you should consider before even creating a post. If you find yourself posting content all across the web hoping a potential customer will take a look and be awestruck by it, you are doing this wrong. You should know what your audience is all about. Their likes and dislikes, their timings of being active, and their most used apps should be at your fingertips at all times. You should know your target audience as well as you know your next-door neighbor. After all, it is your job to cater to their needs and demands, so being aware of their preferences is a good starting point to become unstuck.

You cannot create a digital market without knowing whom you’re creating it for. Therefore, the very first step in your marketing plan from now on should be to define your audience and create a buyer persona for them. You should know where you are going to be looking for such people because you know what they like and what they do not. Your focus is all on developing their personas and then following where they lead you to. Your plan for digital marketing is only going to be executed properly if you have developed these buyer personas.

So, let’s have a little rundown on what a buyer persona is. A buyer persona is a characterized image of your ideal consumer or a customer created by you based on real statistical data and a representation from your point of view. This buyer persona consists of information about the customer in the form of infographics, images and charts. Your representation of the buyer persona should include their activities, goals and motivations.

Based on the type of digital market you are involved in, you might need more than just one buyer persona to target for potential customers. Most businesses have around five buyer personas at one time. You as a business owner are required to be aware of your target audience’s needs and requirements at any stage. You should be able to understand and provide what they need at the right time. The buyer personas you develop help you to understand the demands and desires of your customers with clear communication. It is about having clear and resonating communication on both ends.

Now the question arises about how one can build up these buyer personas. Where should one start?

Listed below are a few ways to be followed in sequence in order to create the target consumer’s persona.

  1. Collecting data – Collecting data about your target audience must be the first thing on your agenda. It is basically like drawing out a composite sketch of your ideal customer’s traits, desires and interests. Make a list of all these things that involve your potential audience. This should enable you to better understand your target audience.
  2. Profile building – Once you have completed the data collection for your buyer personas, you can then go ahead and build the profiles. The data should be relevant to the profiles you create. You should not get stuck in minute and irrelevant details such as gender separation for B2B software products. The profiles must be clearly understood by your team.
  3. Prioritization of a certain profile – It is important to know when you may need to place more focus and intent on a certain profile for a certain product. Do it where necessary as it can end up being extremely beneficial, earning you a number of buys from one buyer persona.


Now that you have completed your profiles and created them based on your potential audience data, it is time to utilize them to their full potential. Start by seeking out communication with people who fit the descriptions of your persona categories and see how this changes your marketing strategy for the better.

Your key point in any content on your site is to always consider your buyer personas in all activities. This will create overall better content available on your site and make you appear genuine to your customers. Buyer personas help you to completely know what your target audience is all about and you should always be willing to use this for your digital market’s positive influence. You can use so many effective marketing strategies, and by adding these buyer personas into them you create a force that can help to overcome the “stuck” phase that you were in. It is beyond your imagination how much the buyer persona can create strong and healthy communication between you and your consumers or customers. This strategy brings a lasting audience and their understanding.

After reading this article, you are probably compelled to begin creating your very own buyer personas. There is nothing to hold you back, and while you are at it, also consider mashing up buyer personas with other marketing strategies to further utilize the benefits of this game plan. You, as a digital marketer, should always be on top of your strategic planning in the marketplace. Your main priority is getting to know your target audience and then doing your very best to cater to that knowledge of their needs and demands.

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