The Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation for B2B Companies

 B2B marketers have a main goal in their company: to generate leads at a fast rate for their sales team. They list down all the details of their daily progress and work. Marketing in today’s world is no longer just about making a name for your brand; it has evolved to include meeting the needs of customers. It is not just about the work, but also about the results as well.

In short, lead generation is all about gaining attraction and interest from complete strangers and then converting them into people who have indicated interest and involvement in your company and its products. It is much like advertising in the sense that it converts someone who has no prior knowledge about your company into a customer. This is also what inbound marketing is all about. There are two types of leads: marketing qualified leads (MQL) and sales qualified leads (SQL). MQL are not always ready to purchase from you even if they are interested. On the contrary, SQL are always looking to purchase from you and request pricing and product demonstrations. These are the leads converted into customers by the sales team. These are the kinds of leads you should be actively looking for.

But you should not focus solely on the sales qualified leads because the quality of the leads is definitely much more important than quantity. It does not matter how many leads you are getting, what matters is how many of them are actively looking to purchase from you. You can only assess each and every lead carefully if your incoming leads are not overcrowded with hollow leads. The leads should be beneficial by being promising customers. Quantity is not as important as quality because with fewer leads, your team can easily assess them more effectively rather than how they would do it if the situation was the other way around. Hence, quality over quantity is your priority as a marketer.

Now, let’s take a look at how you can generate leads as a B2B company.

  1. Persona – Define and decide who you want to target. Make sure it aligns with your brand strategy and is finalized before the next step.
  2. Content – The next step is to create and manage content relevant to your choice of target audience. The content can be ebooks, webinars, podcasts, etc.
  3. Landing Page View – Your landing page where potential customers land after clicking on your links should be well-planned and should be laid out professionally.

These are a few ways you can generate leads by creating good management on your website. When it comes to how the potential customers will see you, it is more about how you present yourself and your company. Your focus should be on quality leads that can be converted into customers. This grows your business and puts you in a favorable spot to get even more potential incoming conversions. Your conversion rates go higher and higher with each and every click that you get from customers, therefore further improving your website stats.

Your goal with this approach is to care about your customers more than ever before. Inbound marketing works both ways. It provides a two-way communication between the customer and the marketer. It is essential to have this, as any area of concern should not be left without discussion. There should be a complete track of communication between the marketer and the customer to ensure every important topic of discussion has been covered.

With lead generation, you dispose of the old ways and transform your marketing as a company in new ways. You do not force your ideas and products onto people by interrupting them during their daily routines. Think of their convenience and yours as well at the same time. You do not put up commercials and ads between their activities, thereby enforcing a rather negative image of your brand. Instead, you focus on your product by making it so that potential customers are attracted towards it themselves. In this way, a positive image of your company is enforced naturally in the mind of the customer and you get a successful lead at your end. This creates a good relationship between you and your customers as there are no barriers of communication this way of marketing. Sales teams assess and communicate in the best ways possible with the potential customers to ensure total understanding and are thus able to provide a suitable product to the customer.

Along with this, lead generation also allows you to see who has visited your site even though they have never submitted a form on your website. You track every conversion on your site and its rates as well. You know by this what you need to improve and what needs to stay the same and be preserved. Your team can track records of all visitors and see a pattern of what type of customers buy from you and make a list of them. Then, they can make products that are best suited for such people and draw in even more customers as they know that this is the product that sells the most. This is a great technique that allows you to generate even more leads by learning about your previous customers by lead generation.

You can also partner up with social media influencers for many different reasons to generate more leads. The social media influencers have an interested, consuming following and an audience that takes direct influence from whatever the social media influencer does and says. Their words mean a lot to their followers, and hence, this can be to your advantage in partnering up with them. They can even give you tips and pointers on how you can achieve your goals with ease, how you can increase the number of your customers, and how to effectively advertise your brand. You can have them post about your product; this will result in you getting an increase in the number of sales in a very short period of time.

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