What Is a Good Conversion Rate for Guest Blogging and Content Marketing?

If you are in the business of owning a blog or any website, you should focus on conversion rates as they are vital to your progress towards success. A conversion refers to any and all action on your website by visitors. It all comes down to the kind of business you own to determine what conversion means for you. It can be anything from simply signing up to register on your website to adding any item in their shopping cart.

There is a very important reason why you should, as a business owner, be aware of conversion rates. The reason is that you can track down the progress and action reports for your website. Conversion rates are usually different for every type of business, but in the general realm of guest blogging and content marketing, a good conversion rate is anywhere around 2–5 percent. What this actually means is that 2–5 percent of people are performing actions on your website in terms of guest blogging and content marketing.

In general, it was found that the top eight websites in the category of social media including guest blogging and content marketing had a conversion rate of 31.24 percent in the year 2014. Therefore, it is possible to raise your conversion rates to get more traffic via guest blogging and content marketing. There are certain ways to increase your guest blogging and content marketing conversion rates, such as creating engaging content and promoting more on social media. If you are just starting out, then start with 2 percent. If you cannot pass above that 2 percent, then change your strategies and content. Anything below 2 percent is not a productive conversion rate for guest blogging and content marketing, and anything above it works and is good.

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