Top 10 Digital Marketing Strategies for Tech Startups in 2020

In today’s world, digital marketing has become extremely advanced and it has become seemingly difficult for companies to make out all the objectives and goals required to reach a level of success. With every entrepreneur coming up with their own tech startup these days, it is evidently hard to grasp the qualities needed to make one’s content unique and outstanding compared to what already exists. It seems as though everything that you can think of as innovative somehow already exists. This can obviously be draining to the building of a foundation for any tech startup, and the working team may end up feeling like they’re never going to make it. Failure exists in the minds of such entrepreneurs and keeps building up to the point where further progress is not in sight, to say the least. So, what can one do in such a situation?

Business growth

Growth of a business is key for any business owner. The process and progress of the growth of a business indicate how the performance is and is going to be in the near future. Although the overall calculation is quite unpredictable, growth of leads and such can be a good measure to keep looking at. By taking care of certain aspects of how to induce progressive growth, a tech startup can transform into a professional business. For businesses, there exists a need to be strategic in all fields. Strategic planning can get you toward success, with proper planning and efforts, of course. Planning makes you aware of how you are doing progressively in your business. It helps you figure out what you need to do and what you need to stop doing. Then, one day, you can take this planning and share it with your audience to let them know how hard it is to succeed as a startup, but it is totally possible.

Marketing budgets

Marketing budgets are an important factor to discuss as they are the sole proprietor of a digital market. With traditional marketing methods such as billboards and TV commercials, the budgets just drain completely as the cost gets too high and demanding. At the same time, these methods of marketing do not even do the job very well. It keeps the budget high and increasing without providing the startup owner with significant results. On the other hand, a much more modern approach to marketing involves social media marketing, SEO, email, and other online tactics. These modern methods are extremely cost-friendly and a lot more effective than traditional methods of marketing. In short, digital marketing has overtaken the world of traditional marketing, which is now a thing of the past. It blows the budget and provides insignificant results; hence, modern digital marketing is preferable by all means. There are many ways to utilize modern marketing methods for your benefit, many of which you will be able to find within this article.

Listed below are the top 10 digital marketing strategies for tech startups in 2019.

  1. Originality – There is nothing like originality when it comes to presenting yourself and your startup. Uniqueness is appreciated in today’s crowded market. Your original ideas are bound to get you to success for sure. Your content should be based on honesty and loyalty. Promoting something that does not come from your own mind is not going to be fruitful in the long run. Never take credit for someone else’s work. Thrive off your own creativity and genius, and you will soon see the results start to come your way with a positive note.
  2. Giveaways – Holding giveaways and contests on your digital marketing platform will drive more people to your site than you could ever imagine. People love it when a startup gives back to its supporters and followers. It creates a sense of friendship between the two parties. It will let your audience know that you appreciate them and are thankful for their support and would love for them to be with you always. Authentic giveaways and contests are key. The prizes should be valuable and sincere.
  3. SEO – Utilize the full potential of SEO to get the results you need. While it is not the most direct method of generating leads and such, it can get you a good deal of traffic passively and in a bunch as well. It can also decrease your marketing budget and leave you satisfied with the results as you drive traffic on your site continuously and it keeps increasing progressively. It is common for successful startups to use this method too. Once you start getting results from this method, it will be easier for you to relax a little bit and focus on other aspects of your business.
  4. Social Media Marketing – Social media has become a clear-cut measure of how successful a digitally marketed business is. For startups especially, advertising and creating a genuine following on social media is helpful.
  5. Videography – Use the benefits of a video, like giving information in your own voice and showing products at the same time. The potential customers are drawn in by this method and you are sure to attract strangers to become customers as well. This marks an increase in your lead and conversion rates. Advertise with video and make it easier and more beneficial for yourself.
  6. Inbound Marketing – Inbound marketing is a sure-fire way to have people come over to you to see what you offer. It is much better than outbound marketing, where you would be required to go out and search for leads yourself.
  7. Analytics – Here is where you will need to apply data analytics to keep track of your progress. It is essential for marketing in this age.
  8. Voice-Enabled Search – Enabling voice searches on your site will create convenience for your customers and gain the trust of strangers because they’re seeing how much you care about their needs.
  9. Chatbots – Having a 24/7 chatbot where online help is available is crucial. It makes a huge difference when someone can ask something and get a response within five minutes of asking. After the first five minutes, their interest in your brand is most likely to drop. So, having an automated chatbot help service available 24/7 is a great way to go with your digital marketing.
  10. Go Live – Lastly, going live creates a direct and live interaction with your audience where you can ask them questions and they can ask you too. It’s a great way of doing digital marketing as it makes the audience and following more involved in your brand.
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