How Effective Is Email Marketing Compared to Other Marketing Techniques in 2021?

 Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective and simplest methods of marketing your business online.

Some people think that email marketing is not effective and that the newer digital channels like social media advertising are much ‘cooler’ and better. Social media does get more attention than email marketing, but email marketing remains the cornerstone of the digital marketing channels.

Consider these statistics:

Anyone questioning the effectiveness of email marketing will know that this is an excellent medium for leads nurturing and sales.

How Effective Is Email Marketing as Compared to Other Channels in 2021? Here Are the Key Benefits

Email marketing is very cost-efficient because it delivers a very high ROI. It is also very easy to measure because once an email is sent, marketers can generate many reports from the data.

Moreover, your email marketing can generate leads, increase sales, build brand awareness and client loyalty, produce repeat business, and reduce marketing costs.

Let’s see some other reasons why email marketing is effective.

  1. Simpler design and interactive elements

Visually rich newsletters and design-related elements of emails are reducing. Users are preferring plain-text and interactive emails. Marketers are focusing on email strategy more than loading subscribers’ inboxes with advertisements and detailed graphics. The majority of email users abhor advertisement-related emails that seem more like spam.

Now, emails are full of interactive content that contains games, image carousels, quizzes and links to landing pages. The focus now is to allow the users to interact with the emails without them having to leave the emails. This is turning out to be effective and has seen a huge engagement level with users.

  1. Longer-form content is possible

We know that long-form content works well from an SEO point of view. Users also prefer it as it gives in-depth information about the topics they search for.

Email marketing now focuses on plain-text and long-form content that people find value in. You could mail people complete blog posts, sales pitches, and long-form content through emails. People will happily read them as long as they are engaging. Email marketing is a proven way to deliver long-form content that people will willingly receive.

  1. Ability to segment and target through automation

Email marketing allows you to micro-segment your subscription list with the help of artificial intelligence and more advanced data-collection techniques. Splitting email lists into specific and niche segments helps in sending more personalized and tailored content that matches with their interests and needs.

With smart email marketing, audiences are engaging with emails. Email automation even allows for email sequencing, which means that after an email is sent to a subscriber, the next one will be triggered based on a specific action, like whether the email was opened and, if so, which link was clicked.

Segmenting and hyper-targeting makes emails much more engaging and effective.

  1. More engagement through storytelling

Consumers want authentic content. Too much exposure to ads and sponsored content, Facebook’s privacy issues, and influencers on Instagram advocating products they have been paid for, is eroding users’ confidence in authentic content.

Storytelling through emails gives users what they are looking for as they are personalized and you can share your brand story, customer experiences or anything that aligns your marketing goals with the subscribers’ needs in a transparent way. Storytelling through emails ensures trust and engagement.

  1. Works very well with mobiles

When startups align the email marketing strategy with mobile marketing, then you know exactly how effective email marketing is. But this can be achieved when emails are optimized for mobile devices as many people like to read emails on their smartphones.

Almost 75 percent of the 900 million Gmail users check their email on mobile devices.

  1. More personalization is possible

Email marketing can make an amazing level of personalization possible. Consumers’ expectations on quality content are increasing, and effective email marketing requires marketers to create extremely personalized and interactive emails for increasing brand loyalty and revenues.

So much data is being captured through multiple digital touch-points with the brands. Artificial intelligence coupled with smart analytics have enabled marketers and content creators to identify the content that performs more efficiently.

  1. Ability to generate revenue is very high

The deliverability of emails is very high and they are recognized as a means of professional communication. If you have taken the effort to build your targeted email list and are sending highly personalized emails, then the email open rate will be high, too.

With such a powerful email list, you have the ability to generate revenue easily. When you send authentic emails that are not too salesy, people trust you and some will buy from you. Your conversion rate with email marketing is higher than that of other marketing channels.

The problem with many social platforms like Facebook and Twitter is that their organic reach is very low. In fact, on Facebook it’s disappointing to note that not all posts will reach the News Feeds of your audience because of the site’s filters. Your conversion rate is much higher with emails.

  1. More customer data through loyalty programs

Brands and businesses have been using loyalty programs to garner brand awareness and repeat sales. These programs are becoming more sophisticated when they are pushed through emails because they are super-targeted and personalized, the emails’ open-rates are high, and these emails can be analyzed through email analytics .

Data such as the types of products a particular demographic of people are interested in, the kind of promotions that work for them, and at what time they want to receive emails is analyzed. This information is then used to bring people with similar behavior to join the loyalty programs. Again, this is the beginning of more engagement.

Email marketing is becoming increasingly relevant by reaching your target audiences and giving a very high ROI. Although it is not a new marketing technique, it will continue to evolve in 2021 and generate revenue for your business.

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